SpiceLuxe Organic Bamboo Cabinet Organizer

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Our cabinet organizers and storage is made of sustainable organic bamboo that will stand the test of time. Adjustable shelves to help keep everything in its place. Shelf arrangement lets you store multiple items like spices, condiments, soup cans, sauces cosmetics, perfume, skincare products, figurines, office supplies and more.

  • FUNCTIONAL BAMBOO ORGANIZER: Create more space in cluttered cabinets and pantries with this beautiful, functional and customizable organizer
  • PERFECT FOR ORGANIZING PANTRY GOODS: Each shelf is 2.25" deep, perfect for organizing spices, condiments, soup cans, sauces and more
  • SOLID BAMBOO: Made of Sustainable Organic Bamboo
  • MULTIPLE SIZE OPTIONS: Choose from our 2-shelf, 3-shelf, or 4-shelf options, and 3 different widths to perfectly fit your cabinet space:
  • PAIR WITH SPICELUXE GLASS JARS — Use this organizer in conjunction with our SpiceLuxe glass Jars and designer Spice Labels to create a perfectly organized spice collection NOT LIMITED TO JUST THE KITCHEN: Use outside the kitchen to organize cosmetics, perfume, skincare products, figurines, and office supplies


    • Brand: SpiceLuxe
    • Item Type: Cabinet Organizer
    • Material: Sustainable Organic Bamboo
    • Individual Shelf Depth: 2.25"
    • Perfect For: Organizing Spices, Condiments, Soup Cans, Sauces and More
    • Use at Place: Kitchen, Living Room, Office
    • Other Use: Cosmetics, Perfume, Skincare Products, Figurines
    • Style: 2-shelf, 3-shelf, or 4-shelf options
    • Width: Narrow (10.5 inches); Medium (14 inches); Wide (17 inches)


    • Easy-to-clean and maintain
    • Made of environmentally friendly bamboo
    • Natural color complements any decor


    • 2 Shelf, 7" Width
    • 2 Shelf, 10.5" Width
    • 2 Shelf, 14" Width
    • 3 Shelf, 7" Width
    • 3 Shelf, 10.5" Width
    • 3 Shelf, 14" Width
    • 4 Shelf, 7" Width
    • 4 Shelf, 10.5" Width
    • 4 Shelf, 14" Width
    This home cabinet Storage organizer Rack can be used as Multi-Purpose Convenience in addition to containing kitchen items, the expandable bamboo pantry organizer also works well in other areas of the home. Use it in a desk Shelf or craft room to keep office or art supplies neat and orderly. Perfect for other types of storage, such as arts & crafts and sewing supplies. It can also be used in a bedroom or bathroom for holding personal items like hair ties, jewelry, and other accessories. You are going to love its sophisticated look and rich feel..


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