4 fl oz jars are 4 1/8” tall and 1 3/4” wide.
6 fl oz jars are 4 1/2" tall and 2" wide. 
8 fl oz jars are 5 1/2" tall and 2 1/4" wide.
16 fl oz jars are 6 1/2" tall and 2 5/8" wide.

4 fl oz round jars are 4 1/8" tall and 1 7/8" diameter.

Our jars are all made of pure soda-lime glass, in a certified and inspected factory.

Glass is the safest, most stable, non-toxic material you can use in your kitchen.

All glass of this type is considered generally recognized as safe (GRAS) by the FDA.

Concerns about toxins in glass refer to leaded glass (crystal) or glazed/painted glassware where the contaminants are in glaze or paint, not the glass itself.

We strive to use domestic suppliers where possible.

Currently the majority of our lids, shakers, labels and packaging are made in the USA.

We design and assemble our products here in our San Diego, CA warehouse.

Most of our glass is made in China.


Most Simply Organic spice jars are 6 fl oz, although they do package some spices in the smaller 4 fl oz jars as well.   So if your best best is to go with our 6 oz jars.

Note, the oz is a measurement of size, not weight. The ounce or oz measurement you frequently see marked on the bottom of prepackaged spice jars is a measurement of the net weight of the contents, which varies depending on the spice.

The lids are made of steel and adhere to a magnet. However, they might not reliably support the weight of the glass jar.  

The style we use, commonly referred to as French Square, has a bevel or slight rounding on each edge.

Yes the lid fits and makes an airtight seal without the shaker top. I have tested with liquid and turned upside-down with no leaks.  


Orders received before 1 pm PST on business days will ship same day via either USPS Priority or UPS Ground. Most orders are delivered within 3-4 business days.

We do not offer international shipping at this time as it typically cost 2-3 time the cost of the item.

Please contact us at and we will be happy to help! 


Either a permanent marker such as a Sharpie, or a Paint Pen are recommended for writing on our labels. Chalk pens are recommended for use with our Chalkboard Label set only.

The shaker disc can be easily removed by using a butter knife or fingernail to gently remove it.

We do not recommend our jars for holding liquid, as the lids are not designed for constant contact with water-based liquids.

Yes the labels are waterproof.

Our lids are made to be air tight once tightly closed, with or without the sifter fitment.

We sell them unlined for ease of cleaning and to prevent contamination from hiding under the liner.

Twist top dispenser caps seal well but are not perfectly air tight, and are recommend for you most commonly used spices or for table side use.

The lids are made of steel and adhere to a magnet. However, they might not reliably support the weight of the glass jar.

Unlabeled jars are dishwasher safe.

We recommend hand washing labeled jars. It is very important to
thoroughly dry the jars, caps and fitments immediately after washing to prevent moisture from ruining your spices.

Ounces commonly refer to either weight or volume.

Spices are sold by weight while jars are sold by volume.

The amount of dry spice by weight that fits in a given jar varies depending its density. For this reason, store bought spices, will display a different weights in the same size container.