August 12, 2017

What can you do in your kitchen to increase your home value for under $500?

When we think of $500, it may not seem like much to contribute to a home improvement project. Nevertheless, when it comes to remodeling a kitchen, this modest amount may allow you to make several impactful changes. Kitchen remodels can be quite expensive, but by employing cost-cutting measures and finding changes that you can make yourself can save a remarkable amount of money. Additionally, a kitchen remodel can increase the overall value of your home.

Lighting and floors

Lighting can instantly change the feel of a room. Pendant lights area great option for kitchens. The pendant lights may range from $50-$500 per piece and help to brighten the kitchen area. Adding lights under the cabinets can also help illuminate countertops. This can be achieved for less than $100. Floors are another way to make a striking change to your room on a budget. Kitchen floors are more prone to tear, so installing a ceramic tile floor for about $1-$2 per square foot is an easy option for a total makeover. Another option for flooring is to re-stain existing hard wood floors. This will cost around $200, and lends new life to the floor. In addition, adding a backsplash tile design, improves the kitchen visually without having to meet the entire cost of a full remodel. The cost is minimal, ranging from $2-$5 per piece. Decorative backsplash adds texture and color, modernizing the feel of the kitchen.

Accessories and appliances

When upgrading a kitchen, new appliances can add greatly to the cost of your remodel, making accessories a priority. Updating pieces like linen or dishware offers a large range of options, and can fit easily into to a small budget. For instance, you can replace plastic jars with glass spice jars. The glass spice jars serve as functional and modern kitchen decor. With a 12 piece SpiceLuxe glass jar set, you can easily customize your kitchen efficiently and in an organized manner for just over $20. By upgrading to these French square glass jars, you add beauty and modern charm to your new kitchen. If appliances are in desperate need of an upgrade, consider an affordable cosmetic change such as spray painting them a modern silver or matte grey.

Cabinets and walls

Cabinets can also be painted to look new and to give the kitchen a bright look by using pops of color. Even without replacing the cabinets, you can install new door pulls and drawers for as little as $2-$10, modernizing the front of your cabinets. When updating the look of a room, painting the walls can serve as a budget friendly option. Paints and supplies are likely to cost from $50 to $100, but by doing the painting yourself instead of hiring a professional, you can save a large part of your budget.

Strain the set budget

Always look for ways to strain your $500 budget in the kitchen remodel. First, doing the kitchen remodel by yourself saves immensely on cost. Secondly, comparing prices and looking for sales while shopping for kitchen accessories is crucial. Online home improvement stores are the best when looking at discounted prices. Lastly, it is good to remember that small changes can make a big difference in your kitchen remodel.

Of what we spoke about, what idea would you most likely apply to your kitchen? Discuss below!