Frequently Asked Questions

How long until I receive my package?

A: Orders received before 12 pm, pacific time on business days will ship same day via UPS Ground (3 to 5 business days).

What are the dimensions of the jars?

A: With caps, the 4oz jar is approximately 4 1/8” tall and 1 3/4” wide. The opening is approximately 1 1/4”. The 6oz jars are approximately 4 1/2″ tall and 2″ wide. The opening is approximately 1 1/4″.

What are the bottles made of?

A: The lids, shakers, and labels are made in the USA. Glass is made in China. Product Packaging is made and assembled in the USA. Black and white plastic lids are also available. All SpiceLuxe products are lead-free.

What is the best way to write on the labels?

A: A permanent marker such as a Sharpie is recommended to label the jars. Chalk pens do not work well, and as of now, there is no matching template for printing on an inkjet printer. SpiceLuxe will release pre-printed spice labels in several styles soon!

How do you remove the plastic shaker disc?

A: The shaker disc can be easily removed by using a butter knife or fingernail to gently remove it.

When filled, will these jars stay attached to a magnetized metal sheet?

A: While the silver and gold metal lids are made of steel, they may not hold for everyday use. The lids will stick to magnets but are not magnets themselves. The black and white plastic lids are not magnetic.

Will the jars hold liquid?

A: While jars are water tight and lids are corrosion resistant, long term liquid storage is not recommended.

Do you ship internationally?

A: We do not currently ship internationally.  You are welcome to make a request or give us some feedback.